Attention! Membership fees are canceled till the political and economic situation in our country is normalized. Hurry up! Now you can join Ukrainian Musicians’ Union and enjoy all the privileges of membership for free!


UMU is a non-governmental, non-profit organization of all-Ukrainian status, acting on the basis of common interests, which unites Ukrainian musicians, on a voluntary basis, to exercise their rights and freedoms.

UMU is a member of FIM, the international federation of musicians uniting independent trade unions in more than sixty countries around the world.

FIM assists UMU in lawmaking issues relating to infringement of Ukrainian musicians’ rights at both national and international levels.

This is the first time in many years of existence of the Ukrainian state that our organization is guided by the experience of the best independent trade unions and civic organizations of the world. It has developed and implemented the use of a comprehensive complex of innovative products in the field of insurance, legal advice, the protection of copyrights and the neighboring rights of musicians.

To fulfill its mission, our civic organization operates in the following areas, offering:

- legal advice to members of our civic organization for issues related to professional activities;

- legal assistance for issues related to the receiving and protection of copyright and neighboring rights;

- assistance and help regarding the insurance of UMU’s members (including health insurance, accident insurance stressing on professional activities, travel insurance, insurance of musical instruments, car insurance and other types of general insurance);

- protection of legal interests for UMU and its members in relations with employers, public and private enterprises, institutions and organizations;

- solicitation for assignment of awards and prizes in Ukraine as well as honorary titles given to applicants who are UMU’s members;

- a foundation of prizes and grants and diplomas from UMU;

- organization of musical performances, concerts and festivals, both in Ukraine and abroad, to improve Ukraine’s image;

- cooperation with both domestic and foreign legal and natural persons in the field of musical culture regarding performances at international festivals, forums, contests, concerts, workshops, seminars, lectures and other events aimed at supporting Ukrainian musicians on the territory of Ukraine as well as in participation with similar events abroad.

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