Attention! Membership fees are canceled till the political and economic situation in our country is normalized. Hurry up! Now you can join Ukrainian Musicians Union and enjoy all the privileges of membership for free!

It's always good when one feels protected. In Europe, musicians have been supported by professional trade unions and civic organizations for more than one hundred years. There has been no company caring about musicians, either in fact or in word, in our country till this moment.
That's why most musicians are forced to solve problems related to professional activities independently. UMU is really an operating organization. We are a big, friendly family where you can be protected from lots of problems musicians face today.

By paying the membership fee, you receive the possibility of feeling protected, saving money and having access to use numerous preferences and privileges provided by UMU in many areas related to both professional and daily life.
The Board of UMU considers each applicant's candidature. Decisions for approval or rejection are made by voting within one month of receiving the application.

We kindly invite initiative regional representatives (such as performing musicians of different styles, vocalists, conductors, teachers of primary, secondary and higher musical institutions, representatives of music and chorale bands), who have not previously had the chance to join our Union.

Enjoy UMU's member's privileges and live a full professional life, just like musicians from the most developed countries of Europe have been for more than one hundred years!

In the registration form, it's required to indicate a valid email as information about joining UMU will gradually be sent there.

+38(098)704 77 14

skype: umunion