Providing legal assistance to organization members on issues related to their professional activities is one of the key areas of UMU's professional activity.
Every day, musicians communicate and enter into various forms of legal relations with both public and private institutions, organizations and employers. While doing that, unfortunately, misunderstandings and conflicts requiring immediate resolution might happen. It should not be forgotten that we live in a country where legislation, management and its attitude towards a person are constantly changed, restructured and reduced, and earnings are often not paid fully or in time (especially today).
So it's no surprise that the rights of Ukrainian musicians are violated from time to time and, as a rule, they cannot protect their own legal interests by themselves.

Therefore, UMU provides its members with legal advice and assistance on these matters:
- employment or loss of employment;
- copyright and neighboring rights;
- violation of intellectual property rights;
- execution of contracts on recording;
- pension;
- vacation pay, etc.

In the shortest period, we're going to complete our development of a model contract, preferred by all musicians, to deal with customers. Signing this contract provides UMU with the opportunity of protecting interests of its members if a customer fails to perform financial and other terms and conditions of a contract. !

UMU's members who have been members of the civic organization for more than three months can use above-mentioned legal services.
Attention! This service is temporarily suspended till the political and economic situation in the country is normalized, due to lack of funds for its implementation.

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