The professional life of musicians is often associated with travel - concerts, tours, consents, study abroad, etc. This is good. But at the same time, all travelers, without exception, fall into the so-called risk zone. We undertake to resolve musicians' protection issues.
Now, using assistance from UMU as a member, you can purchase most discounted insurance products for both yourself and members of your family. These Insurance options include:

- accident insurance stressing on professional activity: loss of hearing, vision, hands, motor skills , etc. (for the first time in Ukraine);
- insurance for musical instruments, electronic equipment, accessories, etc. (for the first time in Ukraine!);
- accident insurance;
- travel insurance;
- property insurance;
- home insurance;
- car insurance (comprehensive cover);
- compulsory third-party insurance;
- water transport insurance.

On February 10, 2014, Ukrainian Musicians' Union signed an agreement on voluntary insurance of musical instruments with the insurance company Allianz Ukraine.
It's the first time in Ukraine that musical instruments, as opposed to impersonal property, are the subjects of contracts. All kinds of musical instruments (fiddle bows, music electronic equipment and musical instruments accessories-like cases, cables, etc.) will be deemed to be musical instruments.
We cared enough to allow instruments to be protected from any accidental and unexpected physical effect that might occur during contract duration.
Getting insured by availing our help, you will feel confident and have reliable protection for one's instrument in any part of the world and at any time. Today, more than 148 000 employees of Allianz serve about 83 million customers in more than 70 countries on 5 continents.
The reliability and financial stability of Allianz are recognized worldwide. That's why we offer you stable and reliable insurance protection by our partner insurance company, Allianz Ukraine.
Please keep in mind the significant discounts on insurance that UMU's members automatically get as well as the guaranteed corporate discounts for musical bands.
We hope that you love your instruments and are willing to protect them. Get yourself insured and tell your managers about the new possibility of insurance, if they care about keeping your instruments as well.
You may take advantage of discounts on all insurance products from the insurance company Allianz Ukraine for yourself and for members of your family using the company "Trust" established by us (see http:// !

If you decide to purchase insurance from Allianz, a courier will deliver it to you directly. You can become familiar with the documents before paying for it.
The delivery service is free of charge and valid all around Ukraine.

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