In Ukraine, about 175 000 children go to music schools with class rooms hardly being heated in winter. Children play instruments requiring replacement, so old strings are taken from members of an orchestra by their teachers to shorten them and put them on children's instruments.
UMU established an instrument bank and it takes a good variety of musical instruments or funds to purchase them from musicians, makers or persons willing to do good works on charitable grounds.
We will provide instruments for a specified period of use, free of charge, for talented children from low-income families, and if an instrument is high quality, it’ll be given to the talented young people of Ukraine participating in musical events of different levels, both in Ukraine and abroad.
We appeal to everybody who has some little unnecessary violins, viols, violoncellos, guitars, wind (brass and wood), folk or percussion instruments left over after training or due to a change of profession or the purchase of a better instrument. If you want to help children, please give instruments or funds to UMU.
Children willing to play music and living in the regions feel this lack of instruments in the worst way.
As well strings, fiddle bows and mouthpieces run short… Let’s make a good business together!
If you want information about becoming a benefactor of providing an instrument, this will appear on UMU’s site.

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